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A great post I came across... AN ODE TO CRAPPY WEATHER by LEAPING GREENLY...

CLICK HERE - an ODE to crappy weather... this was posted by LEAPING GREENLY... I love this blogger and follow her regularly... great pics... great posts... all around great blog!!!


  1. Thanks so much, Missy...I hope you continue to visit often. :)

  2. I sure will Nancy! You have a very interesting and wonderful blog.. I will be back... OFTEN!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Missy I just came over to have a peek at your blog and found you had Nancy here too : ) I know she is fed up with her weather and has a great way of voicing it ? LOL
    I am not very tech helpful with the feed business but maybe your blog home site might help ?
    Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments girl ! I appreciate it : )


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