Tuesday, July 13, 2010

4 Buddies... one of them is my daddy-o...

This woman... Betsy Jo... is a photographer and somehow came across my dad and his buddies playing their guitars in a barn around our way like they have for 30 years... she talked about it on her blog.. CLICK HERE!!! My dad is all the way to the left in most of the pictures... looking cute like always!!! xo

And I quote....

"FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2010


This little photography venture over the past 2 years has taught me a lot, and taken me to lots of places that I didn’t know even existed, right in the area where I’ve grown up. Such is the case with this shoot. A friend of these 4 men wanted to give them a gift, to remember their music-making together. For over 30 years, every Saturday night, all year-long, these 4 people have gotten together and played old-time songs in a family barn. Songs I haven’t heard since I was little. And they are very skilled at what they do. We had the privilege of listening to them play, and documenting their work together. I got to take Paul along with me, and we had lots of smiles as we listened and photographed this crew. An honor to listen, and a privilege to be asked to document the evening. (Plus, they gifted us with a CD which we have been enjoying.)

Thanks to all four of you for putting up with me photographing while you played and sang. It was a pleasure meeting you all."

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES... Come on.. click it.. do it.. do it... !!!!!