Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Bradley...

My girl Stacey had a baby in August... actually he was born 8/9/10. Cute right? Anyways... she sent this pic to my cell this morning... my parents would think he is adorable... not the outfit so much though!!! Them being Red Sox DIEHARD Fans and all...

Those cheeks... I want to nibble them up! And I do just that when I see him!!!

A must watch!!! Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

For those of you who are in your late 20's or early 30's.. you will remember ALL of these songs from growing up... myself included.. JT and Jimmy Fallon did these raps SOOOO much justice...
Very entertaining!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

MercyMe "Finally Home" Video

Here is the group that I just posted.. this is the video they made for their song FINALLY HOME. It's a tearjerker for sure!

2009 Dove Awards- Mercy Me- I Can Only Imagine & Finally Home HQ

I am the QUEEN of Christian Music believe it or not.. You can ask Mama D... one time when I was at her house I recited every single song that came on regarding a Christian CD that was being sold on TV... Bet you didn't know this little tid bit about me!!! Anyways... this is one of my favorite groups... This guys voice gives me chills... LOVE HIM! This video has 2 songs in one... the 2nd song talks about men coming home from war... very touching!

A wealth of knowledge = that is me!!!

While going through my favorites on Youtube, I came across a comment that was posted from some Italian guy... he said he had the link to make your youtube songs convert to MP3's... so I tried it... and IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah people!!!

Check it out...

You can thank me with gifts that include chocolate, espresso beans, coffee, almond joys and ... um... a pitbull puppy please!!! hee hee...

Preferably one that looks like this...

Please Come To Boston - Dave Loggins

I really love this song... wanted to share... enjoy! Going through my saved favorites on Youtube...

AMAZEBALLS to the 10,000th degree!!!

Heard this song today and got weepy!!!! Holy smokes... check out the lyrics... I posted the video so you can hear it below... GET A TISSUE PEOPLE!!!

“Be My Only”
FM Radio (Schuyler Fisk & Tim Myers)

I can tell by the way you look at me, you need to be mine
We could sit, watch the stars all night ‘till they disappear into the sky
I’m yours, and I know that you’re mine
You’re worth waiting for, you’re worth waiting for

Be my only, be my only, be my only
Your hand in mine, I swear love speeds up time
And when the southern skies like a lullaby
Wasn’t hard to fall,
Your love’s a wrecking ball

Watch your hands move along my face, they trace all the lines I’ve lived
It isn’t hard to love your scars ‘cause that’s everywhere you’ve been
I’m yours, and I know that you’re mine
You’re worth waiting for, you’re worth waiting for

Be my only, be my only, be my only
Your hand in mine, I swear love speeds up time
And when the southern skies, like a lullaby
You’re tearing down my walls,
Your love’s a wrecking ball

You’re the one I’ll compare all the others to
Like sunny weather
You’re the one that I’ll always come back to

Be my only, be my only, be my only
Your hand in mine, I swear love speeds up time
And when those southern skies, like a lullaby
Goodbye, take it all
Your love’s a wrecking ball.

I love me some Carrie Underwood!!!

Ok so this is a tearjerker... but I LOVE IT!!! And I love my mama!! I like that it stars her real life mom and real life hubby... very sweet.. . and she is just stunning!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What tolerance looks like....

I am not even sure that there is a cuter little baby on this planet!!!! I mean seriously? This puppy wants to come home with me.... I'm sure of it!!! Notice how sweet and gentle the kitty is to him though... oh man... humans can learn a LOT from animals dontcha think?

Fun with food!!

My girl Tammy sent this email around last week and I kept the pics so I could post them... I really thought they were cute and silly!

I'm a sucker for a cutie with pigtails...

I loved it when Juliana let me put her hair up like this... granted her pigtails were MUCH longer... but I always thought it was so darn cute... check out this cutie below... side note: can you tell how much I think about my little stink? boo hoo!!! I surely do miss her!

Friday, September 17, 2010

I found this very interesting...

I am a dork sometimes and like to read things about food and how it works in our bodies etc.. the benefits, the risks, the good and the bad... I found this fact quite interesting...

"I've heard that black pepper stays in our body for many years and is a health hazard. Is that true?"

No, it's not true. First of all, black pepper is a complex food composed of many different substances. No complex food that we eat stays inside our body whole and intact. Complex foods don't even get absorbed into our body as whole, intact foods. Instead, they are broken down into much smaller parts in our digestive tract before they ever get absorbed.

Therefore, at the very most, it would only be some isolated component of black pepper (not black pepper itself) that was absorbed into our body (via our bloodstream) and then stayed either in storage or in transit for a long period of time. However, this also is not the case. For example, one of the substances that can act as a type of irritant in black pepper (and provoke a sneeze, for example) is a well-studied alkaloid called piperine. In animal studies, researchers have found that it takes between 6-24 hours for over 90% of this substance to be cleared from the body. Other important substances found in black pepper, like the polysaccharides that have been shown to have potential immune-supportive properties, would also be readily metabolized.

For a food component to stay inside our body for any extended period of time, it would have to be stored inside some body tissue that kept it fairly strongly attached. Minerals found in food can sometimes be stored in this way when they become part of the bone matrix. It's possible for the bone matrix to hold on to some of its mineral content throughout the course of a lifetime. However, the whole, intact foods that we eat only serve as the initial carriers of these minerals from the outside world into our body. The foods themselves do not stay inside us undigested.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love Beehive Kitchenware!!!!

This place is out of Massachusetts and their items are totally adorable... I want to own each and every piece. Check it out here! It's called Beehive Kitchenware and they have so many things that are whimsical and young and fresh feeling... LOVE IT!!

Here are a few of their items....

I would like some shelves like these...

I like the look of all 3 of these... all because they are ORGANIZED!!!!

Aren't Owls the Cutest?

There is just something about owls that I really love... I am not sure if it is their cute faces or egg shaped bodies... they are just adorable....

Which Road Do You Choose?

I received an email from Lovely Tammy this week so some people reading this blog might have already seen these... but for those who have not, I wanted to post these gorgeous pictures... I could daydream all the and pretend I am walking down any one of these roads...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me and Two of my Favorite Women in this World having a Blast Kayaking at the Shore!!

And we're off.... these pics aren't really in any order.... It's too annoying to put them in order through blogger.. unless someone can give me a tip on an easier way... PRECIATE IT!

Here comes Mama D. and Tara...

It sure was a gorgeous day!!

The sun was out and shining brightly...

The birds were out and socializing...

I miss and love you Mama D~! I had such a great time with you!

Is that a crocodile in the water??? hee hee... can you see it?

We looked around for sea glass... see the bag she is holding?

Taking silly pics...

I think I remember the waves were crashing up on her booty!!!!

Two beauties.....

Some sea glass finds...

A lobster net? A lobster hut? What are those things called?

My soul sister..... my Tara... such a loving and caring person .... hugs to you babe!

Now I can hear this song in my head.... "Babe! I got you Babe! I got you Babe! I GOT YOU BABE!!!!! xo

I know these pics are almost the same but I wanted to keep them both!!

I had a wonderful time with two ladies I love and miss not seeing all the time... xoxo
I need to move closer!!!!!