Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Check these guys out...

Love this song... shout outs to the dads in the service! xoxox

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

My cute parents trip to good ole' Maine....

How BANGIN' does this Bloody Mary look with this MASSIVE shrimp?
I heard it was delish!
Lobster Stew... YUMMY... look at those chunks...

Very cool....

100 Butterflies...

Good one...

"Fall in love with the possibilities ahead."
- David Whyte

I could use a good laugh... what about you?


So... my camera is on the fritz... every time I turn it on it says "LENS ERROR, PLEASE RESTART"... but I try to turn it off and on and it does not want to work.... I was going to do a google search for places in the area that fix cameras but figured I would send a SHOUT OUT as well for some possible suggestions... I am LOST without my camera... anyone have any suggestions besides buying a NEW ONE? Your girl doesn't have money for that...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

something about this song is a tear jerker... is it his voice?

well done!

Ain't that the truth....

I know a LOT of us feel this way about our mothers... and mother in laws...

"A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary." -- Dorothy C. Fisher, Writer

another great one....

This is worth it...

So, as you can tell, I haven't been much in the blogging mood over the last few days... but I heard this guy when I was on my way to the Cape this past weekend and fell in love... my girl Weez aka Stacey actually had the CD so THANKS WEEZIE BABY... lemme know what you think of this dude.... also, lemme know if you have heard of him before.. I never had... I have been missing out!

I feel the same way...

"What I know for sure pets represent in our lives: a connection to caring that's unconditional. And reciprocal. Puppy love. Nothing like it." -- Oprah

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

How cute can you be?

These are also very very cool....

These candle holders are badass no? LOVE EM... a little on the pricey side for me... but as a gift, sweet! They are 53.99 for each one. But boy do they make a statement... LOVE EM... click HERE to see them online...

I LOVE these vases... and I am sure you will too!

And so what if I wanted to post them in every color them come in... gives the post a BURST of happiness don't it? These vases are 36.00 and you can buy them HERE... the coolest thing about them is they are rubber and you can fold down the top inside itself and make a weeny teeny one too... well, smaller vase... not soooo weeny! hee hee... Aren't they adorable?

Clay Aiken's Baby Boy...

Can this little shitter be any cuter? Boy, Clay sure does make a cute kid... I love the cheeks... and button nose...

I hope this is not true!

In the new issue of Us Weekly (on newsstands Wednesday), five people close to the situation - including two relatives of the other woman - confirm that Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin, 32, has been having an affair with third grade school teacher Deanna Hummel.

The most explosive blow-by-blow details are revealed by Deanna's older brother - and roommate - Jason, who tells Us Weekly that he is speaking out now to set the record straight and to protect his naive sister.

"She's a nice girl, not a homewrecker," Jason tells Us Weekly. "He is a bad liar. This isn't healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air."

After Jon and Deanna met in mid-January at Chill Lounge in Reading, Pennsylvania (they sent each other $3 shots), Jason says Jon -- who has twins, 8, and sextuplets, 5 -- began relentlessly pursuing his sister. By mid-February, he was coming over to their Reading house.

On April 26 - while his wife Kate was traveling - Jon had Deanna over to sunbathe in his family's front lawn (see photo, left). This was just seven days after they had first been photographed together at Legends Lounge at 2 a.m. in the pictures that show he is not wearing his wedding band.

At the Hummel house, Jason says Deanna and Jon would "pretty much stay locked away like two teenagers. It was weird. He's a grown man."

He also adds, "A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who's, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast."

I took this from the US WEEKLY website....

I love these glasses called POP ROCKS....

unfortunately, I cannot get a pic of them to save to my desktop and upload... the site is secured... so you have to trust me and click HERE to see them... adorable.. and colorful... LOVE EM!

Monday, May 04, 2009

When I am feeling down…..

I listen to a song like this…  and ideally it would be BLASTING as loud as my ears can take it, in my car, with me alone…  it always makes me feel better…

or maybe a song like this….

when I watch this video I get the chills cause that is exactly a summing up of how I feel God is with me…  he comes to rescue me when I really need him… and suddenly I begin to feel better… 

I love…. LOVE!


















These are just a few of the LOVE pics I have saved on my laptop….. LOVE ‘EM!

If this song below doesn’t sum up the way I wanna love and feel about the man i love… then I don’t know what other song would….  I know I have posted about this song before… but I have not come across one better…  have you?  What song do you think of when you think of love?  I am curious to see your answers… 





Spoken : Let me tell you why I love him

Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly because
His light it shines so bright I wouldn't lie no

Verse 1:
I remember the very first day that I saw him
I found myself immediately intrigued by him
It's almost like I knew this man from another life
Like back then maybe I was his husband maybe he was my wife
And even the things I don't like about him are fine with me
Cause it's not hard for me to understand him cause he's so much like me
And it's truly my pleasure to share his company
And I know that it's God's gift to breathe
The air he breathes

Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly because
His light it shines so bright I wouldn't lie (no)ohhhhhhhhh!

Verse 2:
How can the same man that makes me so mad
Turn right around and kiss me so soft
If he ever left me I wouldn't even be sad no
Cause there's a blessin' in every lesson
And I'm glad that I knew him at all

Cause he is the truth
Said he is so real
And I love the way that he makes me feel
And if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly because
His light it shines so bright no

Bridge, Break-down, & Ending :
I love the way he speaks
I love the way he thinks
I love the way that he treats his mama
I love that gap in between his teeth
I love him in every way that a woman can love a man
From personal to universal but most of all
It's unconditional
You know what I'm talking about
That's the way I feel
And I always will
There ain't no substitute for the truth
Either it is or isn't
(Cause he is the truth)
You see the truth it needs no proof
Either it is or it isn't
(Cause he is the truth)
Now you know the truth by the way it feels
And if I am a reflection of him then I must be fly
Because he is, yes he is
I wonder does he know?




So I am experimenting with Windows Live Writer….

Map picture

I took these pictures in this area a few weeks back… never published them but felt like doing that now…  my camera is on the fritz so I have to bring it to get fixed.. something is wrong with the lens….  the lens won’t open… figures.. something is always happening ain’t it?  sheesh…  anywho..  still checking out the windows live writer…  this is cool so far…