Wednesday, October 31, 2007

gotta love wild animals....

adorable little girl...

with a dirty mouth... but she's too stinking cute you can't help but laugh! and i love her haircut.. what a sweetie!

cutie pie josh...

my cousin jody has a little guy named josh..
here he is with his pumpkins for this year.. what a cutie!


and you wonder why the next generation of young kids is already messed up! From people like the ones below in this news article:

YPSILANTI, Mich. -- A married couple were arrested within hours, each on suspicion of drunken driving.
First the husband, then his wife were arrested.
Police in a Michigan town said they stopped the man and gave him a preliminary breath test after watching him allegedly run a red light.
Police said the test registered above the legal .08 drunken driving limit.
He had his 12-year-old son in the car with him, and police told the boy to call his mother to pick him up.
After she arrived, with her 9-year-old daughter in the car, police said, the woman was tested and also found to be legally drunk.
Both children were turned over to a relative until the parents were determined to be sober.

if i have a son someday... i'm destined to have one like this kid!

Remember all the jokes about "Little Johnny"?
You know, the kid that the teachers are afraid to call on for answers in the class, for fear of what he might say...
Well, finally a photo of "Little Johnny" has surfaced.
See if you can find him in the picture!
The theme of this picture was, "Make a funny face"!

gotta love old ladies....

Happy Halloween

can you guess what these guys dressed up as for halloween?


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

my favorite yankee...

i know now is NOT the time to be posting about the yanks....
but robi is too cute to pass up posting this picture...
at least he's not a poor loser and a poor sport like cry baby ARod!

Gavin Degraw - Jealous Guy

i love his voice in this one...

Halloween in by gone days

Here's a cute Halloween photo from some years ago. I think the girls have seen a dentist since then to fix their teeth.

Monday, October 29, 2007

All Star Family Fortunes - A Type of Bean?

this was hilarious... thanks for sending it to me lyssa baby~ hope you all get a good laugh!

more halloween party pics....

trick or treaters 2007
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our little maryjane

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little loving maryjane....

click the album below and then click play....

Halloween 2007
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love this...

Comic Pick Up
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i cannot stop laughing

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sad but too often, very true.....

Men Vs Women
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somebody's in trouble boy!

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i couldn't help it!

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i did this because....

i took the movie and music lists off of my page and put them as posts because they are too stinking long and taking up too much of the page.... when you have to scroll WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to the bottom to see anything new it's annoying... so, that is why! lata!



a chorus line
a christmas story
a time to kill
american me
back to the future
blood in blood out
can't buy me love
coming to america
desperately seeking susan
dirty dancing
fast times at ridgemont high
fatal attraction
ferris buellers day off
field of dreams
flowers in the attic
for keeps
how to lose a guy in 10 days
indiana jones
lean on me
license to drive
like father, like son
lost boys
mask w/ cher not jim carrey
mystic pizza
national lampoons vacation
one crazy summer
pee wee's big adventure
pretty in pink
purple rain
raising arizona
revenge of the nerds
road house
romancing the stone
say anything
she's having a baby
short circuit
sixteen candles
some kind of wonderful
stand by me
teen wolf
the blue lagoon
the boy who could fly
the breakfast club
the bridges of madison county
the great outdoors
the karate kid
the never ending story
the secret of my success
the shining
top gun
uncle buck
weekend at bernie's
weird science
who's that girl

keep in mind.... my lists...

i will be updating my movie list as time goes on so as you can see, i have my labels showing for my posts so you can go to MY MOVIE LIST at anytime and check it out... and i will have my latest posts in there... same goes for MY MUSIC LIST... as you know, i am obsessed with what i think is great music, so i will be updating that on the reg... check them both for pete's sake... ha ha .. caio...

can i get a whoot whoot?

Men Problems
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i am sorry it's so inappropriate but hilarious!

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ain't this the truth?

Woman Vs Man
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white trash fishing

White Trash Fishing
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ha ha ha ha ha

Worst Disaster
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this cracked me up

Cockroach Cancer
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