Friday, October 31, 2008

rosco the vampire...

i tried my best to get a pic of my baby with his cape on... but he wasn't too pumped about it and would not sit still... he is adorable though!

happy halloween again!

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happy halloween!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Joyce is a Pink Lady
Rachelle is a Devil
Missy (me) is Superwoman
Kim is Chiquita
Rachelle is a Whench
Amber is a Whench
Ed is Captain Hook


Thursday, October 30, 2008

um... michael buble "everything"

and the reason i wrote UM... is because, would you just DIE if he looked at you and smiled that smile? wowza... puppy dog face... and i love his music...

talented lady right here... missy higgins "where i stood"

"mercy" by Duffy...

My Favorite Dogs - "Pit Bull Awareness Day 08"

My pitbull Rosco is the love of my life... seriously... he is my baby boy... i wish people could learn to respect and love them like any other dog... just because they are STRONGER then other dogs and HUMANS exploit their power, does not mean they are NOT good dogs... they are loyal and loving when treated with respect and LOVE... they love to be snuggled and kissed and hugged... i know my baby does... the video goes pretty quickly but i can see that many people agree with me and are NOT afraid to have them as a loyal companion and pet... you won't be let down if you give them a chance... they will love you no matter what... and here is a picture of my big baby... mama's loverboy, Rosco.. he is just gorgeous isn't he?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

funny funny comedian!

simon baker on ellen...

he is ridiculously adorable...

he has a TO DIE FOR smile i tell ya... yummy!

"something new" video clip...

fantastic clip from the movie.. and the song they picked goes so well...

sanaa plays a character named kenya and simon plays a character called brian... LOVELY!!!

this is one of those movies i got the chills at different parts of the movie..

"something new" with sanaa latham and simon baker! Fabulous Movie!

Watched this movie the other night and LOVED IT!

I actually watched it twice...

and recorded it... it's still on my DVR in case i want to watch it again...

CLICK HERE to see the website about the movie...

it was a fantastic romantic comedy with some really cute moments...

and the star actor, simon baker is HOT in this movie... even better reason to check it out...

this is a movie that reminds me of my girls lyssa and christine... we are romantic comedy JUNKIES... xo

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

is my sister-in-law beautiful or what?

here is my sister in law and her hubby ... they went to a wedding down in NC and here are a few pics... i just love her... and her beauty on the outside is NOTHING (and she is a beauty) compared to the beauty she is on the INSIDE! love you babes! xoxo

i posted this before... but i'm posting it again.. the dangers of PLASTIC BAGS...

get some green bags for pete's sake... doesn't anyone care about our environment?

CLICK HERE for the disturbing news about plastic bags... very very sad!

hmmm... i cannot figure it out...

for some reason, my girl chawnna's pics will NOT line up to the left... and it's really aggravating me that i cannot fix it... UGH!

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

During our trip to Atlanta, we went to the Botanical Gardens. Of course, the first thing Weez and I said is..Missy would love it here!! So I took some pictures of pretty flowers...and wanted to share them, maybe they'll brighten your day when it's not so pretty outside! By the way, this is Missy's friend Chawnna, posting to her bloggedy blog blog...

Brady the Yellow lab vs Cursor

How cute is this dog? I just love love love dogs... they are the best! No wonder why they call them Man and Woman's Best Friends... how cute!

pathetic excuses for human beings...

I'd just like to quickly say, whether you agree with who is running for president or whether you agree with who BECOMES the next American president, do you really, in your small pathetic brains, think that the best thing to do is go and KILL people? I mean seriously... you can hate people that much for the color of their skin knowing FULL WELL, NONE of us can chose what color we are born... it makes me ILL that people still feel this way... and whether you like barack or not, does that mean he should DIE because he is running for president? Isn't he still, besides a Presidential Candidate, a Father? a Husband? a Son? a Man that LOVES hit wife and children? Do they deserve to not have him around cause of these ignorant "people"? Come on people... wake up... why does everything have to boil down to COLOR and RELIGIOUS beliefs? I mean, as long as you are a good person, do good things, help others when you can, have a positive outlook on life and generally live life as a good human being, why isn't THAT all that matters?

Men Charged For Plotting To Kill Obama

WASHINGTON -- The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Monday it has broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee killing spree.

In court records unsealed Monday, agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target an unnamed but predominantly African-American high school by two neo-Nazi skinheads.

Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville ATF field office, said the two men planned to shoot 88 black people and decapitate another 14. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community.

The men also sought to go on a national killing spree, with Obama as its final target, Cavanaugh told The Associated Press.

ATF said that Daniel Cowart, 20, of Bells, Tenn., and Paul Schlesselman, 18, of West Helena, Ark., were charged on Oct. 24 with the illegal possession of a sawed-off shotgun, conspiracy to rob a federal firearms licensee, and making threats against a major candidate for the office of president.

"The allegations set forth in this Criminal Complaint are serious and will be treated as such," Lawrence J. Laurenzi, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee said in a statement. "The public can rest assured that federal, state, and local law enforcement are diligently working together to investigate and prosecute the alleged activity."

According to the complaint Cowart and Schlesselman met via the Internet about one month ago through a mutual friend. Both claim to have very strong beliefs regarding "white power" and "skinhead" philosophy, the complaint said. They began discussing going on a "killing spree."

ATF said that Cowart allegedly traveled from Tennessee to Arkansas on Oct. 20 to pick up Schlesselman in order to carry out their plan, and that they said they were willing to die in its execution.

Cowart and Schlesselman were arrested on Oct. 22 by the Crockett County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee.

"Once we arrested the defendants and suspected they had violated federal law, we immediately contacted federal authorities, " said Sheriff Troy Klyce. "The Sheriff's Department is committed to keeping Crockett County a safe place for our all of citizens."

Cowart and Schlesselman are scheduled for a detention hearing on Oct. 30 in Memphis, Tenn.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Mother In Law Day....

I just wanted to send a HAPPY HAPPY DAY to my mother in law... today is Mother in Law Day... i miss you and can't wait to come visit again soon, hopefully sooner then later if i can drag your son down to visit... love, me!

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