Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Summertime Must-Do List

If You Love Lobster, You’ll Want To Visit This Tiny Village In Connecticut
(click this link)

Starting my MUST-DO list for the Summertime!!  I am not going to miss out this year.  Last year was kind of a dud because I worked so much but this Summer, I am going to be sure to make it a priority to do lots of fun things!!! If you know me, you know that lobster is one of my FAVORITE food on the planet!  My family is from the Northeast and we have always had lobster multiple times a year.  I will want to visit one or all of the places listed on the site when you click the link above.  They all look amazing! 

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I love this website, ONLY IN YOUR STATE.  I go to this site quite often to get ideas on things to do that I haven't done yet or would like to do again.  They have a website for each and every state.