Monday, March 19, 2012

Crystal Red Shrimp

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ommon NameCrystal Red Shrimp, Red Bee Shrimp, or CRS
Scientific Nam
Caridina cf. cantonensis sp. "Crystal Red"
Adult Size2.5-3.0 CM or 1.0-1.2 inches
Water Temp20°-25° C or 68°-77° F
pH Range6.5-7.2
Water HardnessSoft
Fresh or Salt WaterFreshwater
Larval StageNone. Young hatch as miniature versions of the adults
Egg/Saddle ColorRed

General Information

Crystal Red Shrimp are a recessive mutation of the Bee Shrimp. In the early 90's Hisayasu Suzuki of Japan discovered a single Red Bee Shrimp in a batch of about a thousand. The first Red Bee Shrimp died but several generations later three more appeared. Hisayasu Suzuki was able to successfully breed these shrimp and subsequently named them Crystal Red Shrimp.


Crystal Shrimp have bands of red and white on them. Crystal Red Shrimp have been selectively bred over time to increase the amount and intensity of the white. This has led to a "grading" scale for Crystal Shrimp. Higher grade Crystal Shrimp are generally more sensitive to water conditions and are not as prolific as lower grade Bee Shrimp. This is most likely due to the intense inbreeding required to achieve the higher grades.