Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I am in love....

I came across this site while looking for something to buy for my girl Stacey's baby boy that is arriving in the next few months... somehow.. I came across this site... and my heart skipped a beat.. or 10... THESE DRESSES made me insane with the crazies... I want ALL OF THEM for my baby girl that is not on the way any time soon... ha ha ... but I can dream right? I found this site... CLICK HERE.. it is called LoveFrankie and it's THE BOMB!!!!

This one here is my favorite... I love owls... always have... and think I should start up a collection of them... maybe starting with this??? Even though I am childless?? ha ha Kidding!

I also came across these GORGEOUS lamp shades that would REALLY do my room some justice... LOVE EM...

There are other badass lamps that you can get too... check them out HERE... Have fun!


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