Friday, April 03, 2009

My Neice or Nephew...

So I am going to be an auntie... I am OUT OF MY MIND with excitement I can tell you that... and have been since the words "we're going to have a baby" popped out of my sister in law's mouth... so, since then, I have been STRAIGHT UP stalking websites about baby stuff and beautiful things for mommy's... well well well... I came across this site that I KNOW Tara (my sister in law) will flip her lid over... and why is that, you ask? Because it has this gorgeous beyond gorgeous baby sling that I KNOW Tara will want... It is not like you have to have 5 slings so even though this one is 85.00 bucks, I think that is ok... I mean, of course I would love it to be 20.00 but nothing is cheap these days... but I would pay the 85.00 plus tax for this beauty I can tell you that! If you are interested in these lovely slings, click here... the site is called QMom.. there are other wicked pretty slings there too... I want a sling and I have never even had a child... ha ha ... I just want one for when the time comes! Ha ha

A HUGE Shout Out and CONGRATULATIONS to my sister in law Tara and her husband Piero... and I am just warning you now, AUNTIE MISSY IS GONNA BE A STALKER!!!!