My Neice or Nephew...

So I am going to be an auntie... I am OUT OF MY MIND with excitement I can tell you that... and have been since the words "we're going to have a baby" popped out of my sister in law's mouth... so, since then, I have been STRAIGHT UP stalking websites about baby stuff and beautiful things for mommy's... well well well... I came across this site that I KNOW Tara (my sister in law) will flip her lid over... and why is that, you ask? Because it has this gorgeous beyond gorgeous baby sling that I KNOW Tara will want... It is not like you have to have 5 slings so even though this one is 85.00 bucks, I think that is ok... I mean, of course I would love it to be 20.00 but nothing is cheap these days... but I would pay the 85.00 plus tax for this beauty I can tell you that! If you are interested in these lovely slings, click here... the site is called QMom.. there are other wicked pretty slings there too... I want a sling and I have never even had a child... ha ha ... I just want one for when the time comes! Ha ha

A HUGE Shout Out and CONGRATULATIONS to my sister in law Tara and her husband Piero... and I am just warning you now, AUNTIE MISSY IS GONNA BE A STALKER!!!!


  1. LOL You made me laugh,cry and laugh again. I am in love with anything cool. Like the bibs and all kinds of cool slings. I am so happy to have you in our lives you mean so much to us. I love you MY MISSY. xoxox-Love Tara

  2. You are right that is one gorgeous sling and I can see our mama making this look even more gorgeous than it already is. Oh my... I can just imagine the elbow throwing getting to this baby ha. On your mark....get set.....

  3. Thanks my tara... If only we could buy every beautiful thing we wanted right? My gosh... what a dream... but you DO deserve the best and the most beautiful things... I will enjoy watching your belly grow and seeing you wearing your pretty maternity clothes... love you too!

  4. Ha ha Adele... I know right? I'll be vying for the top AUNTIE spot I can tell you that! hee hee... I'll knock peeps out... only joking... that's funny though.. I'm picturing grown woman in a football stance... going at eachother! lololo


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