Wednesday, April 30, 2008

some pics from my shower...

me opening my EMERILWARE... yeah boy!
me and the best mama in the world... and she's MINE, you can't have her! love you ma!
me and my weezie.. aka stacey... we've been friends since 1st grade... she's someone you can trust with your life.... she's always been the one that will NEVER tell a secret and that is why she is so loved by EVERYONE!
me and my girl erin... but i like to call her "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" any janet jackson fans out there that might know what i'm saying? but she's my maid of honor cause she's my best girl.. i love her to bits! she's another girl i feel like we are sisters, i can tell her ANYTHING...

me and my soon to be auntie barb
me and my girl lara... we have been friends since 6th grade.. does she have the most gorgeous blue eyes or what? she's another girl i love so much and cherish her friendship... you know how you have those friends you might not see often but can call and talk like you have NEVER been apart, well, she's my girl... and that's the way it is for us... i wish we lived closer... but i can tell her anything too and she's always got something positive to say!

me and my soon to be mother in law, mama d.
me and my soon to be sister in law but already sister in my heart, tara

me and mama again... there was about 5 cameras going off at once ha ha ... where do we look?
me and kristen aka mrs. g... she's a great friend of mine and keeps my hair looking DOPE... love you kris! ha ha ...

tara, me and erin
me and mama d again....
there will be more pics... i will post more when i get the time...


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