Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weirdest thing...

My mom has this jade tree.... it is gorgeous!! Well well well.. it decided to put on a little show for us this week...

Starting it off like this.... hmmmm... Is that a ??? Would you say that looks like a ???? What the?????

Then it grew to this... and we were still like.... What????

Is this really happening? Is the head really growing??? Keep in mind that this all happened in like 36 hours... see the babies starting to pop up too??? Oh my!

Then when it looked like it was about to explode.......

It turned into this beauty... a cute mushroom tip! LOVELY!

That was fun right? ha ha .... Sorry about the dark pics... my cell could not get anymore light cause it stinks!!!!!


  1. hee hee..what a fun surprise! I am glad you took them even though they were dark..makes them more mysterious.

  2. They were TOTALLY crazy... all within like 36 hours.. they sprouted.. grew bigger and bigger, flattened out and died... ha ha Pretty cool to watch though.. Mother Nature... I LIKE HER!


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