Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ordered my new cell phone today...

My upgrade was not supposed to be until October but the nice girl on the phone hooked this sister up!!!! I will be expecting it to arrive at my work on Wednesday... I am SUPER pumped! I think it is adorable... You can turn it sideways to use the keypad too... which I love! It is called the LG Cosmo...

Anyways... just wanted to share my joy!!!
Hope you have a great Saturday... I'm here at work.. JOY JOY! I am NOT happy to be working on a Saturday but hey, gotta do it sometimes!!! Enjoy the sun if you're here in Ct!!! It truly is GORGEOUS OUT!


  1. Nice!!! I'm still hooked on my Iphone but I know lots of people love their Blackberries..

  2. I can't afford an IPHONE is my problem... and do not want to change from Verizon... it's a pain in the ass!


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