Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Me and Two of my Favorite Women in this World having a Blast Kayaking at the Shore!!

And we're off.... these pics aren't really in any order.... It's too annoying to put them in order through blogger.. unless someone can give me a tip on an easier way... PRECIATE IT!

Here comes Mama D. and Tara...

It sure was a gorgeous day!!

The sun was out and shining brightly...

The birds were out and socializing...

I miss and love you Mama D~! I had such a great time with you!

Is that a crocodile in the water??? hee hee... can you see it?

We looked around for sea glass... see the bag she is holding?

Taking silly pics...

I think I remember the waves were crashing up on her booty!!!!

Two beauties.....

Some sea glass finds...

A lobster net? A lobster hut? What are those things called?

My soul sister..... my Tara... such a loving and caring person .... hugs to you babe!

Now I can hear this song in my head.... "Babe! I got you Babe! I got you Babe! I GOT YOU BABE!!!!! xo

I know these pics are almost the same but I wanted to keep them both!!

I had a wonderful time with two ladies I love and miss not seeing all the time... xoxo
I need to move closer!!!!!


  1. Awwwe, we had so much fun! Miss you too!

  2. Great pictures Miss! Yes they are two very special people and so are you!! We all miss you bunches and bunches!!!! Great pictures!!!

  3. Love the pics Missy. Like Tinky said we miss you bunches.


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