Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I fell in love with this...

This is my boyfriends grandparents. This picture was taken back in the 40's I believe. Her name is Terry. His name was Aldo. She is about 85 years old now and quite the whipper snapper. She is with it 100%. I told her I loved this photo and thought her dress was so beautiful. She said "we had to make our own clothes back then if we wanted to dress HIP! So I made my own" Then I said.. is that dark red lipstick you're wearing because I LOVE red lipstick. She said "redder the better honey".. So then I said... is that a wave in your hair? She said "yup, did it myself"... it is amazing to see this picture of her... so young and beautiful. Isn't Brook's grandpa handsome? I sure think so... he passed away on Valentine's Day this year... I had met him over XMAS last year and I remembered him telling me the story of meeting his wife... he said "there was this dance.. i saw her across the room so i went over and asked her to dance. I was sure she would turn me down... and she did... for a while... but then she gave in and we've been dancing ever since"... I MEAN REALLY? I was instantly teary eyed... I just wanted to share this picture because even if I did not know them... I sure do love it... I love old pictures and the stories they can tell...

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