Monday, March 15, 2010

It's MINE!!! All Mine!!!! My closet....

So we can officially move into our new place.... and since we are going to take a few weeks and bring stuff over here and there, this is what I have done so far.... not much... but it's something... I brought over two full totes of shoes, my new bathroom stuff, bed set and these clothes so far... took up my whole backseat... I'll be sure to post pics each time we bring more over... I know a few special ladies will be checking out the pics so I want you all to come along the journey of NEW BEDROOM/BATHROOM/WALK IN CLOSET with me... hee hee...


  1. I'm so happy for you Missy! Have fun filling up your closet!

  2. Missy.. Love the closet.. Your place is going to be gorgeous!!

  3. Thanks ladies.. I am super excited... will be all moved in by Saturday... I will be taking more pics cause you won't believe the crap I have in my room to go through... oh man.. it is gonna take a LOT of time!!!


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