Monday, March 16, 2009

i look like i was punched in the face.....

so i am home wicked ill with the flu... and i am torturing myself by watching a movie i have seen before... and when i watched this movie the last time, i used almost a whole box of tissues.... all i can say is HOLY SHIT.... if you want to see a movie that really defines what i think LOVE IS... or LOVE SHOULD BE... you have to see this movie.... P.S. I Love You with Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler.... trust me.. you will need tissues... but you will also smile and laugh A LOT... and you might even want to go out and get yourself an irishman.


  1. I saw that and loved it... What a tear jerker and it also made me laugh. Hope you feel better..

  2. what a fantastic friggen movie... i wanted to watch it with Tara when she was down this past weekend but like always, there is NEVER enough time... boo hoo... something about those irishmen... LOVED IT.. LOVED the accents...the whole friggen thing! a man and a guitar in a smokey pub... LOVE IT!


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