Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found them online... but can you guess how much they are? Come on... Guess... I bet you can't... you little guesser you... well, you are WRONG... they were 125.00 for 4 freaking bowls... OUTRAGEOUS RIP OFF! But they are wicked sweet though no? Wish they were cheaper.. sheesh!


  1. Those are silly looking little bowls.. Cute though!

  2. I dont get those the heck would i gobble my popcorn in them...or eat cereal...I guesss they would keep soup warm..but how the heck would you get soup in them..
    and Yikes the price..
    just buy yourself some roundish glass orb and cut a hole in the side..
    tee hee...
    ok enough of me dissing your bowls...
    i guess they have a bit of cuteness...

  3. ladies ladies ladies.. don't you see? they are not cereal bowls.. they are for nuts.. you put the nuts inside and the shells on top when you are down cracking... ha ha ...

  4. oops.. I mean, you put the shells on top when you are DONE cracking... not down cracking... that sounds like i'm trying to have a wicked southern twang...

  5. oh thats the deal..
    I be done cracking now.


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