Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our President and First Lady's First Dance...

do they look so in love or what? i think that is a lot of the reason why i have liked obama this whole time since i first seen him making his speeches and the way he treated his wife and daughters... sometimes you can just TELL what kind of man some men are... and i think he is one of the good ones... you can see the love between these two and I LOVE, LOVE!!!! don't you? isn't it nice to see a man up there kissing his wife and loving her and her loving him without them being intimidated by the press, the cameras, the paparazzi? i just love it and it's super inspiring... also, can i get a friggen WHOOT WHOOT.. BARACK IS OUR NEW PRESIDENT... i have hope he can turn this country around... YES WE CAN!!!!!...

and for anyone who did not watch channel 3 last night and how they went through barack's life from child to the president, you missed a great program... it was so insiteful and really got into what kind of a person barack is... and i am so happy he is OUR PRESIDENT!!!!

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  1. Missy that is a tear jerker for sure.. What a happy occasion.


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