Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's official !!!!!!!!

As of 9:30am this morning, i will NOT have had a cigarette in exactly one week! You have no idea how proud i am of myself... not even ONE LITTLE PUFF in a week... can you freaking believe it? i never thought this day would come... lol... well, i hoped for it... but wasnt' sure i was strong enough... looks like I AM! To be honest, i can already tell a difference in my breathing... i could never have shoveled around our chicken coop and NOT been out of breath before... and now, i can shovel like a champ and NOT get winded.. it's a very good feeling! Wish me continued luck!!! I still need it!


  1. Missy, I am so proud of you.. YOU can DO IT!!!!

  2. Thanks ladies.... I am trying... taking it one day at a time... thanks for the kind words! I am hoping to NEVER smoke another one again.... we'll see!!!

  3. Awesum...yes u can yes u can!!!!!!!


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